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Buyabans Online Shopping Mall

Our Vision

To embrace the internet and use it as a medium to propel Abans PLC to become a global player in the respective industries.

Our Mission

Enhance customer contract and nurture a loyal customer base, which would increase revenue for goods and services offered by Abans PLC and its affiliated companies through e-commerce. Empowerment, recognition and rewards to be used to achieve higher level of performance.

www.buyabans.com began its operations in February 23, 2007 as a realization of an idea of Mrs. Saroshi Dubash, Director, Abans (Private) Limited. The goals were to embrace cyberspace through being an active player in the development of e-commerce in Sri Lanka. www.buyabans.com is an extension of Abans (Private) Limited and its subsidiary companies in cyberspace, where one can browse, obtain information, make a selection, pay online and arrange delivery to his or her doorstep. The products include consumer electronics, clothes and numerous services which are offered by members of Abans Group.

Our goal is to create an unforgettable shopping experience where informed decisions are made. Our online chat services offers guidance and information to all prospective customers on request. All best brands in the world are available at one location accompanied with Abans warranty and guarantees as applicable to various products.

All items purchased online will be delivered to your door step any where in Sri Lanka with only exception being conflict areas. Furthermore, online communication channels are open for further guidance if one requires such assistance.

Payment gateways are provided by two of the most trusted and reputed financial organizations in Sri Lanka representing internationally renown credit cards namely, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation (HSBC) and National Trust Bank (NTB). The direct access to the payment gateway, security is enhanced as the details entered are very secure only restricted to relevant bank. All purchases are crosses checked with relevant card issuing bank to ensure no fraudulent transactions take place. Fraud prevention mechanism are strictly enforced to eliminate fraudulent transactions.

Whilst this is open to all who wishes to purchase online and get the goods delivered to any location in Sri Lanka, Non-Resident Sri Lankans consists of majority of our customer base. This is a great mode to send goods and services to your loved ones back home in Sri Lanka when you are abroad. The latest product range available ensures that what you as an expatriate overseas may have access to are also accessible to those in Sri Lanka. All that is required to make it happen is access to the internet.

We bring the most remarkable shopping experience to your finger tips.

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