Why Join ABANS?

At ABANS, we work across geographical borders and hierarchical boundaries - which is why we look for flexible people who have a global outlook, entrepreneurial spirit and a positive mindset. The Staff at Abans possess outstanding credentials, strong track records of professional achievements and relationship-management skills. They consistently share their passion, innovation and ideas with teams across the world in order to support and drive our business.

Our People

The ABANS Staff is comprised of talented, hardworking and enthusiastic individuals who consistently rise to the challenge of working within an innovative and dynamic organization. Thus, thinking out of the box is welcomed. We also focus on enhancing our employees’ talents, skills and qualifications so that they willingly share in our goals and aspirations.

The pursuit for excellence is instilled in us during our time at Abans. Producing strong results and managing for value is what our team of highly motivated people excel at in Abans’ stimulating environment. We, at Abans, blend our skills and competencies together in a cohesive manner to form cross-functional teams offering our customers multi-angled, innovative and creative solutions. We stand as one and share in the vision and success of our stakeholders.

"The individuals who serve Abans Group of Companies hone their skills in a fast-paced, challenging environment. They excel not only in achieving the company's goals but, their personal goals as well as Abans provides them with a largely flexible career path."

Commitment, hard work and a passion for excellence has led Mr. Marlon Soyza through the rank of Sales Executive, all the way to the post of DGM – Air Conditioning Division.

The story of his success is only one of many at Abans, where you will be encouraged, supported and educated on how to reach your vision of success.

Please take the time to send us your application online. Tell us how you will contribute your unique strengths and skills to the fast-paced, innovative, exciting atmosphere at Abans and we will be sure to contact you soon.

Thank you for your interest in a career at Abans. Your application will be saved as part of our talent pipeline in our careers database and we will contact you when a suitable position arises. You can download the Abans application form onto your laptop or PC, fill in the necessary information and upload the completed application. You can also submit your resume online along with your biographical data on our “Submit Your Details” webpage.

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