Why Join Abans?

Abans Group is a 50 year old Sri Lankan conglomerate. From its inception in 1968 to date, the business has continued with the same passion for enhancing the lives of every Sri Lankan. Abans Group has expanded into many diverse sectors, working across geographical borders and hierarchical boundaries - which is why a career with us is challenging, exciting and rewarding. The people at Abans Group are passionate, driven, possess strong interpersonal skills, and are committed team players. They consistently share their passion and ideas with teams across the world to support and drive our business.

Our People

Abans Group is comprised of talented and enthusiastic individuals who consistently rise to the challenge of working in an innovative and dynamic organisation. Thus, thinking out of the box is welcomed. We also focus on enhancing our employees’ talents, skills and qualifications so that they willingly share in our goals and aspirations.

The pursuit for excellence is instilled in us during our journey with Abans Group. Producing strong results and creating value is what our team of highly motivated people excel in. We, at Abans Group, blend our skills and competencies together in a cohesive manner to form cross-functional teams that offer our customers multi-angled, innovative and creative solutions. We stand as one and share in the vision and success of our stakeholders.

Please take the time to send us your application online. Tell us how you will contribute your unique strengths and skills to the fast-paced, innovative, exciting atmosphere at Abans Group and we will be sure to contact you soon.

Thank you for your interest in a career at Abans Group. Your application will be saved as part of our talent pipeline in our careers database and we will contact you when a suitable position arises. You can download the Abans Group application form, fill in the necessary information and upload the completed application. You can also submit your resume online along with your biographical data on our “Submit Your Details”webform.

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